femmina perfume packaged as a female dog gift


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female dog gift featuring Dog Fashion Spa iconic fragrance femmina.
comes in a luxury silver gift bag with silver glitter.

discover femmina, a female fragrance that captures the essence of Quality Life for Dogs® and magically gives a dog the impression of living life in its own secret garden, away from reality. Dog Fashion Spa iconic dog fragrance embodies the ultimate expression of dog femininity and luxury. inspired by the love for hawaiian flowers that have the power to make everything seem more positive, this female dog fragrance is a magnificent floral bouquet of exquisite flowers and the fullest expression of the perfumer’s art.
comes in a classic bottle, inspired by American Hollywood glamour, signifying personal luxury – a welcome addition to any dressing table.
notes: jasmine, violet, lemon, ylang, tiaré accord, musk.
style: floral. luxurious. elegant.
dog parents: spray on the withers, away from the dog’s face and she will smell lovely for hours.
made in the U.S.A.  50ml
not eligible for overnight shipping
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