i’m loved dog ID tag with QR code to protect and find your dog within hours


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Did you know that one in every three pets will go missing at some point in their life? Unfortunately, less than 20% of dogs that go missing will ever return home. 
Protect your dogs with this beautiful tag and show how much you care about them being safe with this incredible ID tag featuring the latest technology and outstanding design!
I AM LOVED dog ID tag features an elegant heart design that says “I’m loved” and comes in small (7/8″ diameter) and large (1.25″ diameter) sizes.
Powered by PetHub technology, the back of the tag includes a scannable QR code, 24/7 found telephone number, and unique web address linking to your dog’s online profile. We at Dog Fashion Spa believe that PetHub technolody provides one of the best ways to protect your dogs and find them quickly if they are lost.
PetHub ID tag requires an online activation with PetHub (choose a free basic plan or premium subscription for $28/year). May we suggest premium subscription for $28/year so you can take advantage of extra features that include:

notification when your pet is found
GPS map showing where your dog’s tag is scanned
broadcasting your dog’s profile to shelters, coffee shops, and pet stores where your pet last seen
partner discounts on pet insirance

in 2012 97% of lost pets who had a PetHub tag were found within 1 day, 25% of then in less than an hour!
I AM LOVED ID tag ia a perfect gift for your dog on Valentine’s day or dog birthday.
sizes: small (7/8″ diameter) or large (1.25″ diameter)
made in the U.S.A.
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