Animals are the most amazing, unconditional, innocent creatures on earth. My dogs bring tears to my eyes almost daily. I feel so blessed to know the love of my dogs. I love to spoil them with love and beautiful things. They deserve it and appreciate it, like no human I have ever known… as does every animal. I wanted to have a place where everyone can spoil their fur babies as well. The store is named after my 11 year old puppy mill rescue Winston… We are attached emotionally so deep, it is easy to say he has been the most important MAN in my life for a while. I also have a rescue girl named Isabella from Mexico…Rescues are the most precious animals because they know they were saved. That is not to take away from pure breed babies; I have two of them as well, and they smother me with the same love each day! As our business grows, my main objective is to be able to say YES to any animal charity or animal in need. The charities that rescue, save and nurture our most amazing babies are the true heroes. If i can help just a little it will change my life forever…

Renee Bell