dog soap bar with a sponge and jojoba and fennel essential oil


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award-winning Dog Fashion Spa wash sponges with essential oils have received a 3rd place recognition as Best Grooming Product at SuperZoo 2014 (we also walked away with a 2nd place award 🙂

discover Dog Fashion Spa natural soap-infused wash sponge, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs® and featuring jojoba oil and essential oil of fennel, known for their moisturizing, rejuvenating and antiseptic benefits for dogs. 
jojoba oil nurtures and conditions the coat, moisturizes dry skin and adds deep shine. 
fennel essential oil helps revive a dull coat, breaks up toxins  and cleans skin and coat.
dog parents:  wet the coat with warm water and rub the sponge on the coat. leather and massage the dog for 2 minutes to allow essential oil do its wonders. rinse well and repeat if needed. 
use Dog Fashion Spa jojoba and fennel coat spray to help your dog smell great in between baths and reap the benefits of essential oils.
made in the U.K.
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