IMG_5604Meet Toshi, a 4 year old Chihuahua. She is fully grown, weighing in at 9 pounds, and does she ever have a story to tell! Once upon a time, Toshi had a mom who bought her when she was just a puppy. Well, a few months ago she decided she didn’t want her anymore, so she left her at a monastery with the monks and went on her way.

The monks were great animal lovers who had taken in all sorts of dogs, caring for everyone as best they could. Because the other dogs were so much bigger than little Toshi, they soon decided they didn’t want her in their pack. They attacked poor Toshi, nearly tearing her in half! She spent weeks in ICU with tubes coming out of her and staples holding her together. It was touch and go and many thought she would never make it, but our Toshi was and is a fighter! The good folks at Soar Doggy Rescue made sure that she had a safe, loving place to heal while they searched for the special person who would take Toshi into their forever home…

Toshi is happy and healthy and just recently found her forever home here in Nashville with Mama Eileen White. Yesterday, Toshi had her first fluff out and massage and loved it! Her mama plans to spoil her thoroughly and continue to help heal the physical and emotional wounds inflicted on this 9 pound miracle!

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